Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fred Update

I think that I've mentioned that Fred's fur is a challenge to keep tangle free, and I have not been successful.  I didn't think that having fur matts would cause problems, but they did.  Almost two weeks ago, Friday May 30, I noticed a nasty bloody thing on Fred's hind quarters.  I took a picture and sent it to my sister Liz, the vet, and her diagnosis was "gross, get medical attention".  It turned out to be an abscess under a fur matt.  We spent the next morning at the vet's getting him taken care of, and then I had to take off for Bead & Button the next day, leaving Fred behind with Bruce.  Today we took him back for a follow-up.  I'm happy to say his abscess is almost completely healed, and while he was there they gave him a bath and trimmed his fur.  See how beautiful my little lion looks?  His trimmed fur is velvety soft.

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