Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meris - Blocking

This is my first top down cardigan with set-in sleeves.  I like the construction technique, but figuring out how many stitches to pick up for the sleeves always throws me at first.  I ended up counting how many rows and stitches I had in the arm hole and comparing it with how many sleeve stitches the pattern ended up with for the size I was knitting.  In the end I picked up one stitch for every other row and then 1 for 1 stitches in the underarm.  That gave me 85 stitches, while the pattern called for 84.  Close enough.  I didn't do any decreases on the sleeve and centered the lace panel. 

Starting the I-cord bind off on the sleeves threw me at first because you're knitting in the round - this means the working yarn is on the right hand needle, but you need those first 3 stitches to be on the left hand needle.  I ended up turning the work so the wrong side was facing me - now the working yarn was on the left hand needle.  I did a knitted cast on of three stitches, then I turned the work so the right side was facing me again, slipped those three stitches to the left hand needle and started my I-cord bind off.

The yarn feels very sturdy when you're knitting with it, but it softens up when you block it.

Pattern:  Meris by Elizabeth Doherty
Yarn:  Finch by Quince & Co in Crocus
Needle:  US 2.5 (3 mm)

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