Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first custom color - Blue Dahlia

About a month ago, The Unique Sheep announced a new pattern and kit, Dahlia, a modular shawlette.  I immediately thought of the film noir, The Blue Dahlia, and knew that I wanted a custom color.  I found some pictures on line and sent them to Laura and Kelly with my request.  Laura responded, we went back and forth a few times, and here it is - my first custom color:  Blue Dahlia.  Laura had to tone the colors down from the pictures that I sent her in order to make them work together in only three skeins, as well as work for the pattern, but she captured the essence that I was after and I am looking forward to knitting the shawlette.  I am hoping that she will also experiment with a 6 skein gradiance set, amped back up to the intensity of the photos that I sent her, I think it would be just stunning and I even have a shawl design percolating in my brain for such a colorway.

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