Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leaf Bracelet (Knitted)

For the past year or so I have been buying kits from Earth Faire for beaded jewelry.  This is one of the first kits that I bought - the Leaf Bracelet, knitted version, designed by Ellen Sandin, the owner of Earth Faire. This kit is the Winter colorway.  It was a very quick project and pretty easy.  The only real challenge was knitting with the Kreinik Metallic thread on size 0000 (1.25 mm) knitting needles.  My tension was tight as well, but I anticipated that it would be, and used it to my advantage.  The kit calls for the bracelet to be one that you slip on over your hand, but my hands are kind of large when compared to my thin wrists, and bracelets that I make to slip on tend to be too floppy on me, so I added a magnetic clasp.  For the cast off I recommend the one used for lace shawls where you knit two stitches and then knit them together, rather than passing the first stitch over the second.  It gives a nice cast off edge and pretty much guarantees that your cast off won't be so tight that the bracelet curls up and is too small (ask me how I know this).

This is my first time bead knitting something like this, but I do plan on doing more.  I have three more Earth Faire kits in my stash, one more bracelet and two necklaces.  I also have some Pearl Cotton.  One of these days I'll tackle a knitted beaded bag.

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