Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Mystery Shawl 2010 - Clue 4

I finally finished up clue 4.  The nupps are starting to get to me a bit.  I can do them, I understand their function as a design element, I'm just not that crazy about knitting them.  The shawl is turning out quite beautiful, however, so I will persevere.  As with adding beads they interrupt the flow of the knitting, however, and a lot of my enjoyment is in this flow.  I'm still coming to terms with that.  One more clue to knit and this one will be done and I can get back to the Phoenix Rising shawl, which has been calling my name.

I would be making more progress were it not for the fact that I have become hooked on the Mary Russell books by Laurie King.  Thank you Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard!  I have already finished the first book and started the second.

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