Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fuchsia - take 3

I think that this is the third time that I have started a sweater with this yarn, two attempts from the top down and now this third one in the more conventional bottom-up.  All three in the round.  So here is the beginning of a sleeve.  I usually start with the sleeves - lets me check my gauge without knitting a gauge swatch.  I needed to get it past the ribbing so I could have some simple knitting for my everyday bag that I take to work.  I find that knitting on something simple (and it doesn't get much simpler than knitting in the round) while I'm reading helps me to focus better.  It also helps me think when I am writing.  And sometimes, when things get too crazy, I just need a knitting time-out to re-center and regain my equilibrium.

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