Monday, April 5, 2010

Evenstar Shawl - Clue 2

I finished up clue 2 of the Evenstar Shawl last night.  This one is being knit according to the pattern.  I also figured out how to make the clue 2 motif line up with the clue 1 motif.  It was stupidly simple when I saw it, but I don't think I would have without knitting the clue.  The basic problem is that clue 1 is a motif over 16 stitches and clue 2 is a motif over 20 stitches.  All I have to do is add 4 stitches to each repeat of clue 1 before I do the main increase row (where I double the stitches) and everything should work out.  I am going to rip back on my first shawl and try it tonight.  Modifying the pattern is just not working out the way I would like it, the motif is fairly complex and I can't get it to work out across the number of stitches that I have to work with.

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