Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Virginia's Charivari Shrug - Center Panel Done

I stayed home from work today.  There is a bug going around and I think it was trying to get me, so I decided to stay home and rest and hopefully kick it before it sets in.  My mind was pretty fuzzy so it wasn't up for working on the Dreamy Adalia (all those cables) instead I worked on this and read and watched some TCM.

I didn't make it to 480 rows though, only 456.  That gives me 228 stitches to pick along the side.  I'll still keep 120 stitches for the central opening, so that will mean I will graft 54 stitches for the sleeves.

Pattern:  Traveling Zebra by Louise Robert
Yarn:  Bis-sock by Biscotte & Cie
Needle:  US 2.5 (3 mm) & US 4 (3.5 mm)

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