Sunday, April 30, 2017

Salvia Sample Knit - Finished!

After a week of steady knitting (and reading) I've finished up the Salvia Sample Knit.  I didn't get any progress pictures because I was knitting on 32 inch circulars and the project quickly became a bunched up pile of yarny-lacy-goodness.  The yarn was wonderful to work with.  Great body, and knit up on the US 7 needles, a wonderful fluid drape.  I think this is a yarn that takes being knit up a little loosely very well.  The yarn itself is nice to handle, 4-ply, but not so tightly twisted that it is hard, and not so loose that it lacks structure.

Because of the shawl construction, blocking was a bit of a challenge.
I laid the wet shawl out on the blocking maps and pulled and pushed it gently into shape, but given the way it is constructed there is a bump at the neck edge where it was started.  This doesn't seem to affect things too much once you take it off the blocking wire.  That section just sort of collapses on itself.  The design calls for two colors, but this one was done with 5.  The bind off is supposed to be in the contrast color (the color of the lace sections).  I just picked one of the colors for the bind off - in this case the green.  I think the design would really look great with a picot bind off - maybe even a beaded picot bind off to give the shawl a little swing.

Pattern:  Salvia by Heidi Alander
Yarn:  Not really sure, the label says The Unique Sheep Rare Breed, it's a silk wool blend with 4 plies
Needle:  US 7 (4.5 mm)

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