Sunday, October 9, 2016

Watermelon Slice Shawl

This past Friday night I remembered that I had actually bought this set of yarn - Watermelon Paintbox - to work the Watermelon Slice Shawl, instead of Paintbox Shawl.  I have a couple of other Paintbox sets in my stash for that shawl, so Friday I started working the Watermelon Slice Shawl instead.  It starts with the dark red skien, which I hadn't worked yet, so I didn't need to ravel anything right away.  I did weigh all of my skeins and set up a spreadsheet to track the stitch count and yarn usage.  After working a fair bit of the dark red skein I ran the numbers and realized that I would have a fair bit of yarn left over - over 60 grams.  Too much.  so I'm making the shawl bigger.  It increases one stitch on every row through the dark red, medium red, and pink.  There are a couple of increase rows once the green yarn comes into play that increase more, to flare things out at the end.  I'm just going to use up each skein as I go, and make sure I reserve enough to work the picot bind off.

I've never worked with doubled yarn before, but this has been pretty easy and I'm enjoying the fabric. I don't work that often in straight garter stitch.

Project:  Watermelon Slice Shawl by Louise Robert
Yarn:  Watermelon Paintbox Kit from Biscotte Yarns
Needles:  US 7 (4.5 mm)

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