Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bead & Button Show 2011 - Swag on Display

Of course, I ended up buying more than two beads and a cool dish.  So, here is the rest of the swag that I bought.
Some hanks of size 8 beads from Bead Biz.  They specialize in unusual Czech glass beads.  The 6th and 7th hands are actually the same bead finish, and are supposed to be the same color, but they are different dye lots.  Yes, glass has dye lots just like yarn.

I picked up some more Czech beads at the Bead Room.  They have cool striped beads.  They also have pressed glass.

I also picked up some nice strands of semi-precious stones from Africa Gems.  Fossil Coral (on the left) and Rhodochrosite (on the right)

And, of course, some more lamp work.  Although my favorite lamp work artist, Larry Scott, was not there I did manage to find some cool beads.
These are from MZglass.  I could not resist the butterfly pupae on the left, and the honey bee and honey pots just spoke to my inner Pooh Bear.  I have a honey comb sock pattern from Biscottie & Cie that will go with those beads...

I just couldn't resist these purple sea shells.

And I just love the colors in this lamp work bead.

I found these pretty leaves at Jumping Jack Glass by Shirley Cook.  The top set matches my Clematis pullover exactly.

And bought this set of Talavera beads from North Fire Designs by Kim Fields.  The detail is amazing, and she makes the most spectacular lamp work birds.

So much for not doing much shopping...

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