Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silver and Teal

I finally finished the spiral bead crochet on this project.  You can see the Soft Flex that I ran through the center to ease assembly.  It was pretty easy to do, you just have to make sure that you feed the Soft Flex through very early in the crochet process, and secure the end so it doesn't slip free.  As you crochet, just make sure that you always keep the strand of Soft Flex to the left of the crochet hook.  It needs to stay in the center of the rope and not get caught up in the crocheting itself.

This rope is a little less than 10.5 inches long, which leaves me a couple of inches to play with for the focal bead and the clasp.  I did have one minor technical difficulty.  The large beads are real metal beads and they have a seam.  Two of them came loose and I will have to sew them back in place.  If you look closely, you can spot the gap.  I thought about re-doing the piece with different beads, but I really like the look of the metal beads.

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