Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silver and Teal - Finished

It's been a quiet day here in King George.  We finally got rain yesterday after about a month of heat.  I spent the day finishing up this necklace.  With my two circular shawl projects dragging on I felt a need to finish something, and this one has been in my works in progress since January.  Yikes.

Materials used:
(Beadcats stock number)
2-06-927-14:  size 6 real Nickel metal beads (20 grams)
2-08-694-90:  size 8 rich teal transparent lined with teal (10 grams)
2-11-592-79:  size 11 bright light blue green opal silver lined (10 grams)
2-11-686-79:  size 11 turquoise-green silver lined matte, dyed (5 grams)
2-11-759-76:  size 11 lavender transparent silver lined matte irid
D-T1-773-01:  3mm x 5mm tear drops, light amethyst transparent irid
Soft Flex Sterling Silver Extreme 925 flex - Medium (.019 in diameter)
Silver End Caps
Crimp beads
Magnetic clasp
Gudebrod Silk, size E in silver gray for the bead crochet
Teal Nymo, size B, for the embellishment
Focal beads, one Larry Scott Byzantine Bead, 2 small lampwork beads, also by Larry Scott

I did the bead crochet around the Soft Flex, to make the final assembly easier.  Make sure you leave a long enough tail of Soft Flex at the start, and anchor it so it doesn't pull free.  I taped it to the silk thread tail.  I used two silver cones to cover the ends of the crochet rope, and strung the focal beads and more size 8 seed beads on the Soft Flex to close the gap.  The clasp is hidden in the kinky fringe.

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