Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tools of the Trade - Project Caddy

And speaking of too many projects on the needles, here is a peek into my Project Caddy.  I have been trying to control some of the clutter and had bought this caddy a while back, and it had been sitting mostly empty for some time while my works in progress were scattered around the room on convenient flat spots that were more or less out of the reach of the kitty.  Jasmine (my cat) is actually extremely well-behaved around yarn.  When I first got her she went after a ball of yarn and I told her that if she did that again I would send her back to the rescue shelter I had rescued her from.

This past weekend I went on a bit of a cleaning frenzy (I even mopped the kitchen floor and we won't talk about how long it has been since I had done that) and I gathered up all of my works in progress that were sitting around and put them in the caddy.  That is four lace shawls that you see in there, plus yarn for two more, the socks (the dark bit in the upper left hand corner) and the first ZenGoddess Lace yarn (the other darker yarn in the bottom center).  The little metal boxes hold beads for those shawls that take beads.
This is the exterior view.  The charts and directions for all of the projects are sitting on top.  It is very sturdy.  The only down side is the velcro on the lid (velcro being death to yarn), but it has not been an issue as long as I am careful taking things out of the caddy.  It has pockets on the front side, as well as the interior, to stash your notions in.

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