Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brilliantine Socks - One Foot Finished

I cast on another pair of socks after finishing up the Carousel Socks.  I have 8 skeins of the Felix Self-Striping yarn in my stash and have decided to knit them all up into basic socks.  I work on them when I don't feel like working on anything else.  They make a great car project.  I have a project bag just for my socks that Carol Perrenoud makes.  The strap hangs perfectly on the door handle of my Element.  As a safety precaution I do lock the door just in case the bag gets tugged so I can't accidentally open the door as we're going down the road.
Here is a not so good shot of the first foot.  It is a dreary day here.
And here is a shot of the other skeins of my self-striping Felix, all caked up and ready to be turned into socks.
I went ahead and made project pages for all of them so all I have to do is update them when I start working each one.  Unlike my other two skeins these ones have no color names on them.

Pattern:  Basic Toe-Up Sock from Custom Socks by Kate Atherley
Yarn:  Biscotte & Cie Felix in Brilliantine
Needle:  US 1 (2.25 mm)

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