Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Lady in the Lake

I have seventeen more repeats of the border chart and then I will be done with my Evenstar Cape.  I took a break from my knitting yesterday to work on my modification of The Once and Future King to knit it from the center out.  I had already taken each chart and reversed the rows and changed the stitches that needed changing to maintain symmetry but yesterday I went through the entire pattern and adjusted it to make it even more strongly symmetrical. I decided to call it The Lady of the Lake.  As I was working on the charts I remembered this skein of yarn - Velvet Teal on Ling - that I had spotted stashed in a plastic bin of sewing patterns (don't ask).  I had originally gotten it for a mystery crochet along that The Unique Sheep ran several years ago.  My crocheting skills were not up to working lace weight so I never did the MCAL.  The skein is 90 grams, which should give me enough yarn to work the pattern.  I'll wind it into two 45-gram skeins so I can work it from the middle to the ends without cutting it.  I still have to decide on bead color, although I might go with the iridescent gold beads again, with gold daggers.  I've already used them on my Once and Future King and my Evenstar Cape, but I have plenty left.

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