Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goldenrod - Body Done

This is the sweater formally known as "Ladies Sweater - 1838" by SMC Select.  Using my typical naming convention I decided to rename it for the color, so I decided on "Goldenrod" as being slightly more poetic than "yellow".  I started this sweater 5 months ago and it has been languishing for far too long.  Part of my reluctance to work on it was due to the fact that I was worried about the fit, but I decided to persevere and resolved to finish it after I had finished up the Virgo Shawlette and before I started anything else.  I am becoming a monogamous knitter.  I think it may have something to do with my new job position, which requires a great deal of focus, and that focus seems to be carrying over into my home life and hence into my knitting.

Once I had split for working the front and back I was able to try it on and determine that it will not be too big on me.  This also provided motivation for finishing.  I really enjoyed working the top shaping for the arms and neck because it felt like I was finally making real progress.  My size selection was something of an experiment.  I have broad shoulders and often have issues getting a good fit with sweaters with set in sleeves, which is one reason why I like to knit raglans, but I also like the tailored appearance of set in sleeves.  The problem I run into is getting a fit in the shoulders that doesn't make the sweater too big everywhere else.  This pattern already called for a fair bit of positive ease in the fit, and the yarn is fairly light weight (labeled a sport weight in the Ravelry database) and I'm knitting on US 4 (3.5 mm) needles so the fabric is not heavy.  In fact, when you block the knitting it becomes very light and drapey and is easily distorted, so it requires a gently touch.

I modified the pattern to knit in the round - my usual method to avoid seaming.  I'll also knit the sleeves in the round.  They are done in an all over lace pattern, but the motif is only a 9 row, 8-stitch repeat that looks like it will be easy to memorize.  Once I finish this one, I have the same yarn in scarlet to do another.  When I ordered the yarn from I bought the yellow because I thought it would show the lace pattern better than a darker yarn (the model is knit in dark purple, but unfortunately they didn't have that color on the web site).  After I got the yellow I decided that I really wanted one in red, so I went back and ordered more yarn.  I also have the yarn for two more patterns from this pattern book.

Pattern:  Ladies Sweater - 1838 from Moments No. 005
Yarn:  SMC Select Extra Soft Merino Fino
Needles:  US 2.5 (3.0 mm) and US 4 (3.5 mm)

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