Monday, October 25, 2010

Journey's End

Oct 25 - Yesterday we drove from Aqaba to the Dead Sea, stopping for lunch at the Dead Sea Panorama, a relatively new exhibit about the area.
In the distance you can just make out Jericho (right hand side of the picture, about mid-way up).

This morning we went to Bethany to see the Baptism Site of John and Jesus.  This is a monastery at the Hill of Elijah.  You can still see some of the mosaics.
And this is supposed to be the Baptism Site.

This afternoon we are treating ourselves to a massage in the spa, and then we will take a dip in the Dead Sea.  Tomorrow morning, at a ridiculously early hour, we shall head back to the US.  The trip has been fantastic, due in large part, I think, to our phenomenal guide Ra'ed, and to the wonderful Jordanian people that we have met on the way.  It is an experience that I will treasure.  I will close with a picture of the Jordan River.

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