Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Henna Tattoo

Before I continue with my journey I wanted to relate something that happened yesterday while I was at Jerash.  We were in the visitor center and our guide was giving us some background on the site.  I sat on a bench to listen and Pam, one of the other members of the tour group, joined me.  A few minutes later a Jordanian woman came into the room and sat down on the base of a near-by column.  I nudged Pam and told her to scoot over and then motioned for the woman to sit on the bench with us.  She joined us with a smile and a nod and then pulled open a plastic bag that she had and asked if I wanted a Henna Tattoo.  I asked her how much, and she said "no problem" which is her way of saying no charge.  I agreed, so she proceeded with the tattoo.  During the process we exchanged names and told me how many children she had, emphasizing that she had 2 boys.  She even showed me a picture of one on her cell phone.  Apparently she does the Henna Tattoos for money, but I guess she gave me a free one because I was nice to her.  Unfortunately the tattoo didn't last very long.  I sweated a lot that day.

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