Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tiger, Tiger

I bought these polymer clay beads my very first year working for my sister at Bead & Button.  That would have been 2002.  It has been sitting in one of my project boxes all that time.  I dug it out this morning thinking that I would do something else with it - Chinese knots - but then discovered that I had strung this and decided to go with it.  As for the name of the piece - I've always loved the poem and the beads just seemed evocative of tigers in the jungle.

There was a short story in an Isaac Asimov Science Fiction magazine that I read years ago that was inspired by taking the poem by William Blake (Tiger, Tiger) translating it into Sanskrit, running it backwards and translating it back out to English - I think that was the order of operations.  The result was quite...transcendental...and actually made more sense to me than the original poem.  The story was pretty good too.  Bright, bright burning tiger.

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