Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Campanula - Knitter's Magazine, Spring 2007, p. 62
Materials - 7 balls Karabella Yarns Vintage Cotton

This is my first serious lace project. There have been a couple of setbacks. I decided to knit the body in one piece, rather than three, but then didn't cast on enough stitches. Fortunately that didn't take me long to figure out. Then, when I got up to the foundation pattern for the lace work I forgot a yarn over at the very end of the row and so wound up one stitch short when I started the lace pattern. I have also discovered that I can't knit lace while tired, or while consuming any alcohol at all. I had almost finished the body up to the shaping when I discovered a mistake several pattern repeats back. I ripped back and fixed it. I have read about using life lines in lace knitting, but have not mastered that technique. Instead I rip back to one row before the one that I want to start knitting with and then pull that last row out one stitch at a time while inserting my needle back into the live stitches that I want to start knitting on.

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